I Took My Pen On A Hike – This Is What Happened

Hiking is my new thing. In fact, I find it to be the perfect marriage between exercise, scenery, getting in touch with nature, a spiritual event, and of course, a perfect chance to have enough privacy to get in a nice vape session with my favorite herbal vape pen, the Atmos Orbit vaporizer.

This past weekend, I decided to get up and get out of my house early and head down to my favorite trail. The best thing about leaving home early on a weekend is that you can avoid traffic and have a nice, relaxing drive to your destination. This is particularly important as I am able to relax before actually hitting the trail, which takes a lot of work. Once I parked by the hiking trial, grabbed my backpack and start my way up the trial.


The trail is surrounded by trees, tons of foliage and different types of plants and flowers. It also gives you quite a bit of shade, which comes in handy on a hot summer day. Hydration on days like these is key, especially if you’re looking to do a little bit of vaping later on. Once I reached the summit of the trial, I sat down on nearby large rock, under a tree that provided a nice shade. I took a few sips of my water bottle before deciding to take out my vape pen. Hazard Peak Trail

The Atmos Orbit is not quite a pen, but it is very much pen-like. Only slightly bigger than your standard vape pen. The quality of the vapor that you get with this herbal pen is much better than you would with a standard pen. My favorite strain to vape on hiking days is the OG Kush, which makes me feel happy, relaxed and euphoric. The other side effect that usually comes with the OG is hunger, which combined with the hiking exercise, it usually comes with a vengeance.


Anyhow, I was able to get some real awesome quality vapor and was able to relax while enjoying the rewards of being surrounded by a beautiful scenery, a high quality strain and a relaxed atmosphere. This is the perfect start to any weekend. After getting back to my car, I decided to head over to get a good breakfast and some coffee. My favorite spot serves the best breakfast in town.


A Quick Review of All The Atmos Compact Vaporizers And Pens

Atmos Bullet 2 Go

This is a highly compact and highly portable pen. In spite of how small this pen is, it allows you to vape both wax and herbs. You don’t get this sort of capability from just any pen. Especially nothing this small and compact. Starting at $24.95, the Bullet-2-Go is really a no-brainer. We highly recommend this pen if you’d like to be discreet and if you’re looking to vape some wax.

Atmos Liv Vaporizer

This is a great vaporizer with also a dual capability for both herbs and waxes. The power bank feature also makes it at an attractive option, as battery will last you longer with this portable vaporizer than many other pen or compact vaporizers. The Liv also features a ceramic heating element which provides users with the highest and cleanest quality of vapor.

Atmos Boss Vaporizer

The Atmos Boss is one of the best herbal pens in the market today. With a stainless steel cover and quality craftmanship, the Atmos Boss delivers true vaporization that is hard to come by with herbs. The Boss retails at around 129.95, a bit high for a vape pen, but definitely worth the money given the quality and value that it delivers.

Atmos Dart Vaporizer

The Dart is one of the best wax pens in the market. With the Dart you also have the capability of using oils as it comes with an additional liquid cartridge. The Atmos Dart combines discreetness along with performance that starts at only $39.95.

Atmos R2 Vaporizer

The R2 is a premium pen with a special anodized heating chamber that is designed to better heat up your dry herbs and wax. It features an elegant and sleek design that makes it easy to hold on to this pen. The high quality materials and lithium ion battery on this unit makes this pen an attractive option. The R2 will give you several hours of consistent vaporization with a 5 click on and off system.

Atmos Rx Vaporizer

The Atmos RX  is one of the best herbal pens in the market today. The Atmos RX features a high tech convection technology that gives off just enough heat to discharge herbal elements. The Rx is an easy to use pen that makes it easy on the user to also clean it as it comes with several helpful accessories and tools. Some of the tools include a cleaning brush and a packing tool. The Atmos Rx retails at around $99.95.

A Quick Look at The Some of the Atmos Vaporizer Pens

Atmos manufactures some of the best pen vaporizers in the market. There are so many to choose from, so we decided to compile most of them in one list and tell you a little bit about them. The vape pens in the list below all work great, but there are things to keep in mind as they are rather different in type, price and size.Rx Jr Atmos

AtmosRX Vaporizer

The Atmos RX uses the latest lithium ion battery technology. It comes in several different cool colors like green, blue, gray and black. These pens were great as they are highly portable, discreet and super lightweight. This is easy to use and heats up in a matter of seconds. At $99.95, the AtmosRX gives you a good herb vape along with great portability.


Atmos Boss Vaporizer

One of the smallest vape pens in the market, the Atmos Boss delivers both portability and performance. This vape pen features and advanced stainless heating chamber which produces some of the most efficient vaporization for a vape pen. Much like the other Atmos vape pens, the Boss is easy to operate and heats up in a matter of only a few seconds.

Atmos Dart Vaporizer

Discreet, beautiful and stylish the Atmos Dart Vaporizer comes in several different colors like black, gun metal black, silver and white. This is a great wax and oil pen. The dual compatibility makes this pen attractive and versatile. At under $40, the Atmos Dart is a great affordable option.

Atmos Ole Ultra Vaporizer

The Atmos Ole Ultra is your standard oil vape pen. However, the Atmos Ole is one of the smallest units in the market, making it also one of the most discreet and compact vape pens. The Atmos Ole starts at under $35.

Atmost R2 Vaporizer

With an adonized heating chamber, the Atmos R2 delivers some of the cleanest vapor. The R2 also allows for dual compatibility with Herb and Wax. Essentially, the Atmos R2 uses some of the latest, newest technology.

Atmos RX Junior

This is a smaller version of the regular RX. It is much more compact and discreet without giving up some of the performance of the regular RX. This is your standard, easy-to-use, herb pen.

Atmos Bullet 2-Go Plus

This is one of the smallest multi function pens in the market. It is also highly affordable as it starts at only under $35. I would recommend this pen for those who are going to be switching between wax, herb and oil.

Ohio Moves Closer Towards Legalizing Marijuana

One of various initiatives to legalize marijuana in Ohio has passed it’s first round of approval. Ohio’s Attorney Generaal, Mike DeWine has certified the “Legalize Marijuana and Hemp in Ohio” petition for supporters to start asking for signatures across the states.

Over the past couple of years, the State of Ohio has seen an increase in proposals and initiatives to legalize some form of medical or recreational marijuana. Many of these initiatives and proposals have hit road blocks along the way. These roadblocks and opposition has been coming from law enforcement groups and several state officials.

Another prominent initiative called ResponsibleOhio is also supporting legal marijuana. This group is backed by a well-financed group made up of some prominent figures in sports, entertainment, politics and finance. Some of the major proponents of this initiative are singer Nick Lachey, the former professional basketball player Oscar Robertson, Frostee Rucker (former Cincinnati Bengals player) and the politically-influential, Taft brothers (who are the great-great-grandnephews of former President William Howard Taft).

ResponsibleOhio’s petition has already been certified and now it needs to collect an additional 300,000 signatures from state residents in all of Ohio’s 88 counties. If this group achieves getting all 300,000 signatures, the ballot will be certified.

The deadline for these signatures to be submitted is July 1 of this year.

Recently, polling was done among Ohio residents. While most residents stated that they wouldn’t consume any marijuana products (if legalized), they still approve of making marijuana legal. However, close to 84 percent of people in Ohio suggested that they would vote ‘yes’ to approve the legalization of marijuana. This is an overwhelming number. It is no surprise so many groups are lobbying to legalize marijuana.

Many venture capitalists are seeing Ohio as a great option to do business in the legal-Marijuana industry. Other states who have achieved some form of recreational organization are Colorado, Alaska and Washington. Many other states throughout the United States are now looking into legalizing marijuana both from a medical and recreational perspective. Many legalization advances are being made in states like Texas, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont and Delaware.

It is rather encouraging to know that major steps are being taken in states all across the United States legalization of marijuana. It is only a matter of time before all 50 states in the Union will decriminalize marijuana to some degree. The following is a map of the current state of legislation and pro-marijuana efforts happening throughout the United States:

MarijuanaMapWeb2 (1)



My Saturday In LA With The Atmos Orbit Vaporizer

I woke up super early on Saturday. This is rare because I normally stay out late on Friday nights.

Anyhow, I got up early and decided to go for a hike at a nearby trail. The great thing about Saturday and Sunday mornings in LA is that traffic is real light and getting around the city is actually not that bad. For us Angelenos, it is actually encouraging and motivating to know that traffic won’t be that bad.

So, I packed up my stuff (including the Atmos Orbit) and drove over to Los Liones Canyon, one of my favorite hiking spots in LA. I mean, this is the sort of place that people dream of having near the city. If you’re idea is to go for a hike in a place that isn’t far from the city but it still feels like the real thing, this is it.


The trail isn’t too bad, and it’s only around 1.25 miles. However, once you get to the top, the ocean view and the cliffs look beautiful. This place is not only scenic but also somewhat private and secluded. This is why I decided to take my Atmos Orbit. Once I reached the top, I reached inside my pocket, packed my herb and within a couple of minutes I was vaping away while enjoying some of the most beautiful views of the Pacific Palisade cliffs as well as the Santa Monica and Malibu beaches at a distance. This was a great start to my weekend.


By the time I was over with my hike and my vape, I was relax and ready to go home for a quick nap. I drove away and it only took me a few minutes to get home. Traffic had not picked up yet. (It tends to pick up in the early afternoons on weekends).

Finally, I took a quick shower and then decided to head out to lunch in and meet a friend in Downtown Culver City for some lunch. We headed over to this place called Father’s Office, which is actually pretty cool as it is located within the premises of an old 1930’s bakery building. What I like about this restaurant is that they have a pretty extensive menu and some awesome craft brews on tap.


After my meal, I decided to go for a walk and vape away with my Atmos Orbit. I like the fact that I didn’t have to charge it when I got home as it still had some battery. The Orbit also allowed me to get started with my weekend feeling great.