Atmos Liv Vaporizer

Atmos Liv
Atmos Liv Vaporizer- Blue, Green, Silver, Black

We picked up the Atmos Liv a couple days ago and testing has been going very well. The Liv has made its way onto the market just ahead of the highly anticipated release of two new Volcano portables, so this looks like their effort to provide a comparable vape at a more reasonable price. When you get the Liv out of the package you should probably charge it before loading it with buds.

This will elongate the life of the battery and ensure that you’re able to get the most out of the heating element. We dig ours so far. It’s been way more efficient with the ganja than our Atmos Rx, and that wasn’t terrible for the concert or picnic use. The Liv is way more efficient, you can taste the flavor better and still enjoy a super tenacious buzz.

As you can see in the picture, the Liv is really slim, kinda looks like the DaVinci, but it’s alot smaller and heats up faster. The little antenna is cool and it doesn’t get too hot in your hand even though the exterior is made of anodized aluminum casing. Ours is the green one, in the middle there on the picture. Comes with all the necessary trinkets you need to have a great vape experience too. Can’t really go wrong buying the Atmos Liv especially with the $89.95 price tag, when you consider that these new Volcano vapes are going to be somewhere in the $3-400 range.

Atmos Pen Vapes

Atmos Vaporizers for Sale
Atmos Vaporizers for Sale

There are a few different Atmos pen vapes to choose from and sometimes people get them confused. After reading through a number of emails it was apparent to me that I need to write a post that details the pens individually. Feel free to bookmark or share this article with anyone that needs to learn more about Atmos vaporizer pens.

The most popular of all the Atmos pens is probably the Atmos RX (formally known as the Atmos Raw), it also one of the most expensive. For $189.95 (and you can usually find them cheaper) you will get a compact and portable vaporizer that is capable of vaping continuously for 72 hours. It heats to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with a 3 year manufacturer warrant. The heater core and batteries however come with a 3 month warranty and will usually need replacing after about 6 months, if you are very meticulous about your cleaning habits then your Atmos RX can last a while longer and deliver huge clouds of vapor time after time.

Another one of the more popular Atmos pens is the Atmos Nail, it is an oil/wax pen vaporizer that is extremely efficient and even more discreet. It has a lithium Ion batter and has a super fast heat up that will have you vaping in under five seconds. The Nail is similar in price to the Atmos RX and costs $179 but like I said before shop around a little bit before you buy it because you can usually find it cheaper.