Can E-Liquids Help you Quit Smoking?

atmos optimus

I’m so excited for this weekend. Living in Hollywood is the coolest thing in the world. Seriously, there’s never any winter here. Even in January it’s pretty warm compared to my old hometown of Scranton, PA. Now that it’s April, there’s nothing better than bouncing around town with my vape pen. I used to need a cigarette in my hand every time I would get behind the wheel to brave the legendary Los Angeles traffic. The 405 is definitely the biggest clusterfuck I have ever seen. Hey I guess there has to be a trade-off for the great weather right?

But back on subject: my old habit. Dude I used to smoke like a fiend. Anytime I wasn’t working at my desk or hanging out with my girlfriend, I would just crave a cigarette like a motherfucker. This went on for a good 12 years actually; I smoked with my friends outside after classes at college, after rehearsals with my band, on breaks at work, and especially when I would go out partying and dancing.

Now that I’ve graduated college and moved to LA, smoking at work wasn’t too hard to quit, but damn the partying part was hard to give up. In Hollywood especially these girls are all about cigarettes. Definitely not the place for a guy looking to improve his health cuz it seems like all the cuties are the smokers lol so tempting! One thing you gotta know about me, I love going out and dancing my ass off, so naturally I’m going to get my drink on when I’m partying; of course the logical progression is to get that cigarette craving for a change of pace from the drinking and dancing.

Now instead of going outside and ripping butts every twenty minutes, I can get a satisfying buzz without killing my lungs and throat thanks to my Atmos E-Juice liquid and Optimus Vaporizer. It’s totally discreet and looks a lot cooler than dragging cigs like a bum. They make a bunch of different flavors, so it’s even better than bouncing from lights to menthols to heavies and back; with Atmos E-Liquid you can hit Mango, Watermelon, Coffee, and you won’t have to worry about your tobacco breath once you’re back in the club with that sexy girl you’ve been grinding on all night.